India did not concede visas to Pakistan’s lesser hockey group for world glass: PHF

Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has rejected cases from the International Hockey Federation (FIH) that it had not submitted travel reports for its players by the official due date, which FIH said brought about its prohibition from the Junior World Cup.

India did not issue Pakistan’s lesser hockey players the visas that they should have been ready to take an interest in the competition, a public statement issued by the PHF said.

“This adaptation of the FIH is totally ridiculous as the PHF had submitted visa application frames alongside significant records relating to visa conventions well in time on Oct 24. The No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the administration of Pakistan had likewise been gotten on time yet at the same time India did not issue visas to the Pakistani unforeseen,” it included.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs likewise issued an announcement on Thursday, affirming that India had not allowed the hockey group’s visa applications.

Addressing DawnNews prior, PHF Secretary Shehbaz Ahmed named the move “pre-arranged” and said “Pakistan did not postpone any commitments relating to timetables and it is India’s blame which did not issue visas to the Pakistani designation before the given due date.”

Pakistan on Nov 19 had issued NOCs to the Pakistan’s lesser hockey group with the goal for them to participate in the Junior World Hockey Cup booked to be held in India from Dec 8 to 18.

The Malaysian junior men’s has supplanted Pakistan according to the choice of FIH issued Monday.

“Unexpectedly,” the PHF official statement included, “India is prepared to give visas to the Malaysian group, who have supplanted Pakistan, in three-days’ chance.”

Calling FIH’s choice an “unreasonable demonstration”, the PHF said that regardless of having constrained assets, it had spent around Rs100 million to set up the lesser squad.

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